US Patent # D606074 | US Patent Pending Keyboard.  Practical, intuitive, and functional.  Approx Dimensions: 23" x 5"
美國待專利鍵盤。實用,直覺和功能。大約總體尺寸: 23 " × 5 "
Centouch Keyboard - - US Patent Pending
Sample Design Drawing Using a traditional Keyboard Layout w/ Our Patent Pending Center Touchpad

US Patent # D606074 | US Patent Pending Keyboard.  With optional scroller buttons, programmable keys & calculator.  Practical, intuitive, and functional.

Centouch Patent Pending Keyboard
Sample Design Drawing Using a traditional Keyboard Layout w/ Our Patent Pending Center Touchpad + Dual Side Scrollers, Programmable buttons and Built in Calculator.

You'll Love This Keyboard!

The perfect blend of keyboard and touchpad.  The new design gives Centouch™ the perfect combination of ergonomics, functionality and design.
完美組合的鍵盤和觸控板。新的設計賦予Centouch ™人體工程學、功能和設計的完美的組合。

Reduce Tendonitis of the hands, wrist, and arms associated with prolonged mouse use.  Avoid the conventional keyboard.  Create a more natural placement of your hands and wrist with proper distance and spacing.

For most office and home users, you may never have to use a mouse again.

Prevent Mouse Related Hand Injuries Before they Happen!

Centouch™ Key Points:
Centouch ™ 的要點

Center touchpad design, for easier access without losing your place on the keyboard.

Wider keyboard stance, gives it a more natural ergonomic posture.  Your hands are further set apart, preventing the unnatural twisting of your wrist, elbow and arms.
更寬的鍵盤位置提供一個更加自然的人體工程姿勢。你的手可更進一步的分開放, 防止不自然扭轉你的手腕,手肘和手臂

Center position of the touchpad in between the split keys allows you to quickly access the touchpad, without fumbling for placement.

Large touchpad design gives you improved tracking with a perfect 1 to 1 ratio with your screen. Improved accuracy!

Patent pending practical functionality where keyboard and touchpad works as one.  The keyboard buttons act as mouse buttons (left/right/middle) when your fingers are on the touchpad.

Increase productivity with our built in functional tools.  Added macro programmable keys, built in scrollers, and calculator make your keyboard truly practical.
我們的內建功能工具可增加生產力。加入的可編程式的按鍵,內建的滚輪按鈕, 和計算機,使你的鍵盤更加的實用。
Let's Review Again...

● Your keyboard is your direct communication device to your computer.  Shouldn't it be better?


● Mitigate mouse related hand injuries

● Increase productivity by eliminating your mouse

● Increase functionality with our patent pending designs.

● Reduce hand and wrist injuries with our natural ergonomic split keyboard.



Centouch™ is seeking partners for distribution, licensing and manufacturing.

Where can you buy it?:  Call 800-288-0640 ext 231 for more information.

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